Bridge Expansion Joints - BD33/94

Multi-Element Joint

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Type 6 - Elastomeric in metal runners, in accordance with BD33/94 standard

Multi element expansion joints (often referred to as modular joints) are made up of modular lengths of steel beams with a gap between each beam fitted and locked together with watertight elastomeric seal profiles. Anchor loops are welded to the base of the joint at equal distances, which form part of the fitting mechanism and also reinforces the joint.


The fitted elastomeric control springs coordinate individual movements of the beams in conjunction with the elastomeric profiles, enabling the multi element joint to absorb any combination of movement in all directions. This system of movement control greatly reduces the forces acting directly on the other expansion joint components and also on the adjacent bridge structure, thus extending the life span of the entire system.


Key Features:

  • For large movements up to 2000mm
  • Durable
  • Watertight
  • Low noise and wear resistant



  • Motorways
  • Road Bridges