Bridge Expansion Joints - BD33/94

TF Joint

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Type 5 - Reinforced Elastomeric in accordance with BD33/94 standard

TF expansion joints are high quality robust elastomer moulded modules with reinforced steel bridge plates. These are supplied in modules of specified lengths designed for bolting to the structural deck on either side of the expansion joint. A wide range of module sizes are available to absorb movements up to 330mm, and also those produced by skew joints.The main function of TF expansion joints are to absorb these movements, providing a substantially waterproof joint and a smooth, low noise, high wear resistant surface.The multiple elements of the joint are connected at the top end with a tongue and groove connection.


Key Features:

  • For movements up to 330mm
  • Accommodates skew movement
  • Smooth, wear resistant surface
  • Corrosion resistant elastomer casing
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Special joints and kerb units available



  • Motorways
  • Road Bridges