Sub-Surface Drainage

Ekspan 325 System

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325 System - 'Galvanised Steel'

Ekspan 325 is a long lasting galvanised steel fabricated section designed to remove surface water seepage from the waterproof membrane level of bridge decks, most especially at low points adjacent to expansion joints and kerb lines. This system is unique in that it utilises the flushing box which allows cleaning and maintenance vital to system integrity and life time operation.

It is designed in accordance with the Highways Agency BA26/94 and fully compatible with the Ekspan 302 Through Deck System.

The system is Blacktop Heat Proof and polyester resin mortar is used to prevent voids under the channel during installation.


Drain Section

Each section of drainage channel is 2m long. End stoppers can be used at all open ends to prevent ingress of blacktop.




Designed to suit Ekspan 302 through deck tube. Available as straight or 90 degree cranked. 4-way junctions and T- Pieces.




Inter-connect drain section on the deck surface. Available as T, cranked joints left hand and right hand Y pieces.


Transistion Piece

Enables convenient access to the 325 system for periodic cleaning 


Flushing Unit Verge Box

Allowing access to system with water jetting equipment for cleaning, removing any silt and evaporative deposits.  The flushing verge box is not designed to take any wheel loading therefore must not be installed on the carriageway.



Special arrangements can be made to order if required, for example joints to suit skew angled decks.


325 Series Arrangement