Nosing & Nosing Seals

EC & EW Joint Seals

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Nosing joint seals in accordance with CD 357 standard

EC - Profile

The EC profile is a robust profile ideal for heavy-duty purposes. The joint is carefully designed to ensure that the rubber moves in predetermined directions as the expansion gap closes. Due to the geometry of this profile, it is self- retaining and thus the use of adhesive to attach the profile to the joint is not essential.



EW - Profile

The EW profile is a light profile that can be easily pressed in, and hence mounting can be carried out with ease. The joint can be straight when using this profile.


The rubber seals used for the EW series are designed in three different profiles:

1) EW 10, 2) EW 20, and 3) EW 30, EW 45, EW 60 (identical in design, but in different sizes)