Spherical (BS5400-9)

G - Spherical

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Spherical (BS5400-9)

USL Ekspan G range of spherical bearings are designed to allow the correct transfer of load whilst allowing rotation about all axis.  The bearings are also designed to either allow or restrain translations depending on your requirements.  The rotation is accommodated by a convex stainless steel piston mating against a PTFE sheet which sits within the concave bearing base.

Designed in accordance with BS5400


Load Capacities:

  • Vertical load capacity up to 39,000kN ULS
  • Horizontal load capacity up to 4,979kN
  • Rotational capacity at least 0.035 radians about all axis



  • Fully welded sliding surfaces
  • Fully certified EN compliant materials
  • Integrated guides to allow for accurate positioning  
  • Ideal for highly skewed structures
  • Stainless steel spherical piston for added corrosion protection (dependant on size and material availability)